Multi-disciplinary Interagency Approaches to the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect

  • 1.10.2017 - 4.10.2017, The Hague, Netherlands

All children have the universal right to be able to develop physically, mentally, socially, morally and spiritually with freedom and dignity. Yet, across the world, millions of children are neglected or abused each year, often causing lasting consequences. We are proud to work together with ISPCAN to fulfill our shared global obligation to prevent and help child abuse and neglect at the 15th European Regional Conference in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Yearly, more than 100.000 youngsters between the ages of 0 and 18 years are abused. The region of The Hague has been creating positive intervening programs to strengthen the lives of these children and their families by working together with communities, organisations and networks. . All members of society will benefit from a strong support system and resources in the face of all challenges; as parents, neighbors, friends, fellow human beings, raising our children in a healthy and safe environment is among our top priorities. Therefore, we are dedicated to prepare the program of the conference, as well as the key-note speakers, focused on the multi-disciplinary interagency approaches to the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect.

The Hague as the international city of peace and justice, with over 160 international organisations, NGO's, institutions working on global issues. The Hague is a meeting destination that works, with a dedicated convention facility, wide range of hotels, and easy logistics. The city with the attractive coastline, is safe and endowed with reliable infrastructure. There is an excellent accessibility from two international airports. The city offers a range of interesting tourist attractions, rich cultural offerings and fine restaurants. All of this combined with the expertise on the multi-disciplinary interagency approaches to the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect, makes The Hague the right place to host this conference. Therefore, the city of The Hague welcomes delegate members to attend the 15th European Regional Conference 1-4 October, 2017.

Hér er hægt að fara inná heimasíðu ráðstefnunnar

Hér er að finna dagskrá ráðstefnunnar en það má geta þess að meðal fyrirlesara er Bragi Guðbrandsson forstjóri Barnaverndarstofu en hann flytur erindið “The Road We Travel: Current trends toward convergence of systems of child abuse response”  ásamt Chris Newling frá US National Child Advocacy center.

Einnig mun Bragi ásamt Ólöfu Ástu Farestveit forstöðumanni Barnahússins á Íslandi taka þátt í málstofu (Symposium) sem ber heitið Multi-disciplinary Interagency Approaches – Barnahus Promoting Justice and Care for Children in Europe. ásamt þeim taka þátt Turid Heiberg (Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat),  Hong Tan (National Lead for SARCs and Partnership Working NHS England), Janet van Bavel (project-leader Kenter Jeugdhulp, Netherlands) og Gordana Buljan Flander (Director of Child Protection, Croatia)